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Terms of Use

By simply placing an order, each customer implicitly and fully complies with the present general conditions listed herein. With the goal of satisfying the customer, we may modify the following conditions. Customers will be notified of any changes via this webpage.


1. Products and Services

When a customer places an order "by any means", customer agrees with the placement of the order once it has been submitted. The order can not be canceled or undone in any way for any reason. No objections regarding the orders accuracy will be accepted after the delivery driver has made the delivery. The order can neither be exchanged nor taken back to the restaurant once it has been received. We decline all responsibility for products that are not consumed/used immediately or if they are delivered outside the indicated delivery time. The time frame is only given as an estimate and subject to delays due to inclement weather and/or traffic delays. In case the customer is absent at the time of delivery, we will be obligated to charge the delivery fee twice in the event of a return trip.

The delivery driver is the last point of contact for any issue as it relates to an order. It is the customers obligation to inspect the order before the driver leaves. Any issues that arise from a customer inspection may be corrected a couple different ways. The driver may issue a future credit or may even go back to the restaurant to retrieve missing or incorrect items. Lightning Delivery facilitates the order placing process, we also work with local restaurants and delivery drivers to provide delivery to the general public. Please contact Lightning Delivery for all matters concerning the website or mobile applications.


2. Orders and Delivery

We can take your orders as long as the restaurant is open on the website.

The orders are delivered directly to the specified addresses in the shortest possible time. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or lateness as a result of incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the customer. We therefore recommend checking the order for accuracy, double check your contact details prior to submitting your order.

We cannot be held responsible for any late delivery or failed attempt to deliver if the delivery driver cannot access the premises.

Any additional orders requiring an extra delivery will incur additional delivery charges.


3. Sales of Products

The menu items and prices are subject to change. The prices listed do not include sales tax and will be applied to your total. The total may also change in the event customer information was incorrect and resulted in a longer then expected delivery.


4. Payment

There are four methods of payment:

  • Cash

    For security reasons, our delivery drivers only carry a small amount of change. In most cases the driver will need to visit a gas station to break larger bills, anytime there is more than $20 in change due. It is recommended that you have the correct amount prior to arrival of delivery or find an alternative means to payment.

  • Credit Cards

    Credit and debit cards are swiped during the drop off part of deliveries. Please have your card and photo ID ready. The drivers use a mobile swiping device & app called Square to charge the card. Swiping the cards at the door is the most secure way to process a credit card transaction. Don't believe us? Ask your bank, they will tell you the same thing.

  • Check

    We do not accept checks as a form of payment from the general public. However, corporate accounts are billed and may be paid by business check.

  • Gift Certificate

    Gift certificates purchased on our site can be redeemed on the website or phone. You can use the gift certificate for your meal, delivery fees, or driver gratuities. Gift certificates sold by or for the restaurants, are not valid with Lightning Delivery and can only be used at the restaurant listed on the certificate.
    To ensure that we are in fact giving the goods to the correct person, A photo I.D. may be required.

5. Legal Information

We declare that all personal data will be treated in accordance with the December 8, 1992 privacy law. By agreeing with the general sales conditions, the customer agrees to receive information about products, services and promotions from us and our partners. Please see our Privacy Policy section for more information on how your information is used.